• Exterior, main entrance
  • Grilled chicken, salad and dip
  • Interior
  • Sliced meat, sauce, pasta and green decorations

Scordato's Pizzeria | Artisan Pizza & Exceptional italian restaurant Italian Cuisine

About us

Just as other top chefs around the world have done, Daniel Scordato has opened an artisan pizzeria where the craft of making pizzas has reached the highest level. Through innovative cooking techniques and by using sophisticated dough, Scordato's Pizzeria produces crusts that are light and crisp on the outside, slightly chewy on the inside. For decades, artisan bread has been given great attention to detail, whereas pizza dough was a standard 2-hour process. Finally, pizza dough is being crafted with the same level of attention as great bread makers of the world have given to their dough.

The Preparation


Our artisan style pizza dough is light but not flat; substantial but far from bready, with a light and pillowy crust that's equal parts chewy gluten and air.

A word about our crust:

Due to the extreme temperature of our oven, the crust will develop a charred exterior. The blackened appearance is sometimes confused as being burnt, however, this charred effect actually enhances the pizza, giving it a smoky, caramelized flavor.


The toppings used at Pizzeria Vivace are of the same high quality used at the best gourmet restaurants around the country. An example of these fine ingredients is notable by the cheese that is presented at our tables: Locatelli Pecorino-Romano (Italy’s finest)

Note: It is recommended that these pizzas are enjoyed in the pizzeria so that the dough is at its finest.